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Our Commitment

To Environmental Responsibility


Introducing - Sip Responsibly - Our new recycling program

Send 100 used Magic straws to 6401 West 106th St Bloomington, MN 55438

Include your name and email address and we will send you a coupon for our web store.

We will recycle all of the straws sent to us in a responsible way.


There is definitive media hype currently making plastic straws the poster child for single use plastic found in the ocean. Many beach communities are regulating plastic straws in food service.

Plastic straws make up ONLY 3% of all the plastic found in the oceans. Banning straws does very little to pose a solution to the real problem—which is all of the plastic in the ocean. 


As this issue gains traction, the increased awareness is allowing us as a company to look towards the future on how our products are affecting our consumer, community and environment while positively expanding our hand-print, bringing a direct beneficial impact.

As we look for solutions long term, we want to address consumers concerns for single use plastics making their way to waterways.


We have chosen to use this food service issue as a way to engage and bring awareness to the real issue, plastics in our water. We are excited to announce we are launching a partnership program with you, the customer.

Our new program offers direct discounts for sending used straws to us—Our Sip Responsibly Campaign. We are hoping to not only advance industry standards but introduce a fun way to teach children the value of recycling. 


Although our straws are made of plastic that is recyclable, we are continuing to review biodegradable alternatives. We have evaluated our entire channel of distribution- from our supplier of materials, extending through our manufacturing process, to our distributors and retailers, and ultimately our consumer.

We are committed to limiting our company’s carbon footprint. Our standard shelf case, shipper boxes as well as master cartons are all eco-friendly corrugated cardboard. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on education, our value chain and long term sustainability.


Sip Responsibly. Send us your straws and get a discount on a future purchase.